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`Ailana Surveying & Geomatics, LLC has its main office on Maui with field crews located on Oahu.

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Surveying Services we provide

Boundary Stakeouts (K-1 & K-2)

This service fulfills the requirements in section K-1 or K-2 of the Purchase Contract. Required any time the property is sold.

Ailana Surveying - Elevation Certificate

Elevation Certificates

An elevation certificate is required when the owner is seeking flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Ailana Surveying - Shoreline Certifications

Shoreline Certifications

Shoreline Certifications are generally required when property shares a boundary with shoreline and building setbacks are needed for a new structure.

Ailana Surveying - Topo Surveys

Topographical Surveys

A topographical survey measures ground elevations which are used to generate a topographical map, which also shows existing features on a map.

Ailana Surveying - Subdivisions

Subdivision and Consolidation

A subdivision is created when a lot is divided into two or more smaller lots. A consolidation is created when two or more lots are joined to make one larger lot.

Ailana Surveying - ALTA Surveys

ALTA Surveys

An ALTA Survey is typically requested when commercial property is being transferred to ensure that there are no defects associated with the title.

Ailana Surveying - Condo Property Regimes

Condominium Property Regimes

Condominium Property Regimes (CPR’s) are a form of ownership of real property and governing process created when the real property becomes a condominium.

Ailana Surveying - Construction Stakeouts

Construction Stakeouts

Construction stakeouts can range from setting out a single family residence to large subdivisions, roads, and utilities.

Ailana Surveying - Cell Tower Surveys

Cell Tower Surveys

These types of surveys are done on existing communication tower compounds to create easements or new builds.

FAA 1-A Certifications

This type of survey is needed when the location and height above sea level is needed for a structure, usually done on towers.

Ailana Surveying - Hydrographic Surveys

Bathymetric Surveys

Measuring and mapping water bodies, shorelines and beaches is essential to keeping coastal resources viable and safe.

Aerial Drone Surveys

Drones are useful in collecting data for large, restricted or unsafe areas, and can improve cost effectiveness.

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